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Metallic Flexible Conduits We supply flexible conduits such as metallic double lock flexible conduits, metallic single lock flexible conduits, metallic double lock flexible conduit pipe, metallic square lock flexible conduit. Metallic Double Interlock Flexible Conduit Pipe Our Metallic Double Interlock Flexible Conduit Pipe are available with packing. These are used as conduit for Electrical Cables and can be provided with wire Braiding, PVC or synthetic Rubber sleeving, depending on application requirement. Offered at cost effective prices and in large & small bulk orders, we ensure that our products are delivered on time. Manufacturing Range : From 3 mm ID to 12 " ID. Material : Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum or as specified by the customer. Braid : Conduit can be provided with wire Braiding, PVC or synthetic Rubber sleeving. Applications : As conduit for Electrical Cables.
PVC Wire Rein Force Flexible Conduit We offer PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Wire Reinforced Flexible Conduits that are ideal for the coverage and protection of electrical cables & optical fibers. The PVC Wire Reinforced Flexible Conduits are widely used in domestic & industrial applications. The chlorine in the PVC Wire Reinforced Flexible conduits permits them to be resistant against flame & water. Apart from the standard colors & dimensions that the PVC Wire Reinforced Flexible conduits are available in, these are also subjected to modification as per client's requirement. The PVC Wire Reinforced Flexible conduits are flexible and can be bent along the axis although these are reinforced with a rigid shock resistant. These have a smooth hole in the cross sectional area with sinuous architecture along the lateral surface. Application These PVC wire conduits are used to cover and protection of electrical cables and optic fibers. Properties: Reinforced with a rigid shock resistant PVC spiral Bore smooth Very sinuous external Standard Colors: Available in various colors for identification. Available in Oil Resistant Hose (Green) Available with pulling thread Work Temperature: 15°C < Temp <60°C for further detail visit at
Galvanized Steel PVC Coated Flexible Conduit This PVC coated flexible galvanized steel, aluminum, copper conduit has many universal wiring applications. It is often referred to as “Greenfield” or “Reduced Wall Flex” as per the requirements of the buyers. It is also permitted for use on the industrial machinery where temperature exceed from the limit.Utility: This conduit is intended for installation as a mental raceway for wires and cables. Suitable as a grounding conductor when used for circuits. Wiring in elevators, hoist ways and escalators. Suitable for use with listed connectors intended for flexible metal conduit.
We deal in different types of Flexible Conduit Pipe. Our range includes Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit Pipe and PVC Coated Flexible Steel Conduit Pipe. We are counted among the top Importers and Suppliers of Conduit Pipe. When it comes to delivery, we go for those shipment modes that make possible for us to deliver retail as well as bulk orders for Conduit Pipe within the promised time frame. for further detail visit
Interlock Flexible Tubing Interlock Flexible Tubing or conduit are linked stronger than square lock conduits. By interlocking hot deep galvanized steel strip the flexible conduit becomes stronger. The Interlock Flexible Tubing protecting great pressure, twisting and pulling, with repetitive bending which makes them an perfect solution for shielding optical fibers and wiring . The interlock flexible tubing is manufactured by coiling metallic strip into a tube, the section being an Inter- lock structure, packed with cotton or fiber packing. Interlock flexible tubing is a stronger protective armor than other types of hoses.
We are noted manufacturer and exporter of supreme quality Galvanized Flexible Conduit, Flexible Conduits Accessories, GI Steel Flexible Conduit, Interlocked Galvanized Flexible Conduit and many more.
PVC Coated Flexible Conduit Features: Excellent flexible and tough for repetitive bending and re-positioning Full shield against most liquids and moisture vapour Lesser bend radius allows fittings in tight areas with multiple bends PVC survives most degradation by fluids, coolants, oil and heat Hot dip galvanized zinc covering offers superior weathering resistance PVC jacket won’t wrinkle or shrink from cut ends Plane inner for easy wire pull-thru Accepts standard liquid-tight fittings Offer ongoing wiring safety where flexibility, durability is required. IP rating: IP54 IP65 Temperature range: -20° C to +80° C Nickel Plated Brass Fittings
Nylon Flexible Conduit We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Nylon Flexible Conduit. The corrugated construction provides good flexibility and low weight. Durable, long lasting conduit that is rugged yet flexible. Corrugated nylon conduit is resistant to liquids, oils and gases, and highly resistant to acids and solvents. For use in controls, moving machine parts, motor and internal connections, as well as industrial, medical and electrical applications.
Flexible Conduit Product Details: Material Nylon Description: Corrugated Flexible Conduit offers you wide range technical properties for your cable and wire management applications against not only mechanical damage but also the influences of UV radiation , weathering and chemicals. The flexible body allows for the cables in the corner and elbow. We also supply the split style for easy installation and removal. Application It is widely used for protecting wires and cables harnesses in automotive, equipment, railway etc. It also can be used for protecting the hydraulic hoseses. Technical Data: Material : PE PA PP Operating range: – 40°C -- +90°C –40°C -- +130°C –30°C -- +110°C Standard colour : black /gray. Certificate: RoHS Other features: highly abrasion resistance, resist acids, solvents and fuels resistant.